Buying a Job

I recently met, remotely, with a prospective Buyer who is looking to purchase an established produce delivery route.  His son in law lost his job in the COVID-19 fallout, and he wants to lend a hand.  The plan: his son in law will make the deliveries and he will keep the books.  When we find the right opportunity, and we are well on our way, they will become “owner/operators.”  Effectively, they are buying a job. 

Until recently, in the pre-COVID boom times, the term “buying a job” was almost pejorative among many Buyers.  Instead, they were looking for opportunities to invest in a business.  The difference being that a “business opportunity” can operate without much owner involvement and still provide a decent return on investment.  These opportunities still exist but can be harder to find at the moment.

However, with unemployment rampant during this pandemic, 14.7% nationally, 12.9% in Florida, and systems overwhelmed by demand, does “buying a job” seem like such a terrible option?  The delivery route I mentioned is a great example.  Buying a franchise is another. 

These are the types of businesses that offer an owner/operator freedom and control…two things that seem hard to come by recently.  Feel free to call South Florida Business Brokers by Sunbelt to discuss further (754) 300-8651.

Buying a Job

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