Changing Business Environment

“Pivot” has become a buzzword for businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. And rightly so. Those businesses that have been quick to embrace change, or pivot their business model, have been the most successful so far. North Carolina based Adventure Treks, an outdoor experience company, is a great example, and it’s made all the difference in my son’s summer vacation.

Jack emerged from his two-and-a-half week camping adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains with all the confidence and joy a parent hopes to see when sending a teenager on a trip like this. It didn’t matter one bit that he was actually supposed to be exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Considering the danger of air travel during COVID, all of the trips to all the wonderful destinations like Alaska, Colorado and Washington became impossible. Adventure Treks decided to relocate and reschedule the trips, as best they could, to their headquarters in North Carolina. A logistical nightmare on such short notice.

Health and safety concerns were paramount. Campers were forced to quarantine for 14 days prior to the trip and no one was allowed to arrive via plane (that’s about 44 total hours for me in the car driving between South Florida and Asheville if you’re curious).

The point is, Adventure Treks practiced what they preach. The company pivoted quickly and professionally and salvaged at least some of its business for 2020. Improvise, adapt and overcome. These are the very qualities parents hope their kids will learn when sending them out in nature for weeks at a time.

I’m grateful this trip was a bright spot for my son in an otherwise bleak year. I’m thrilled he’s home safe and sound.

Changing Business Environment

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